CSS styles are not applied globally in calendar

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a bug or not.

Right now I’m having fun with CSS styles and want to see how far I can go in Supernotes. I tried today to create a small grid with external images.

So far it’s working great and I’ve put the CSS styles in one card, because in “Home” it seems to apply globally. However, if I go to the calendar and choose a date where I didn’t create the card, the CSS styles are gone. But if I create the same card with CSS styles on the same day as my grid, they are applied to all cards on that day.

Is it perhaps possible to apply CSS styles to all calendar days as well?

Example to follow: I changed the default yellow mark color to mark { background-color: #ffe6e6; } in a seperate card only for CSS styles.

If I would create tomorrow a card with some text and <mark>...</mark> and would go to the calendar the new color would be replaced with the default yellow.

Example of a card in “Home”:

Same card on the calendar day I created it:

It’s also not working when I open it in Noteboard and from there also not in “Open in Preview”.

It seems to go deeper than I thought and I probably have to write the CSS styles into each card I want to customize a bit.

I thought with a single card it’s easier to maintenance when I have to change something. :sob:

Not a bug unfortunately. Supernotes in general is not built with the intention to enable customized styling by users. Obviously it is possible by injecting your own CSS styles (as you have done), but this is not behavior we officially support.

Also in version 3.0 of the platform, the ability to add style tags directly to cards has been disabled entirely, so the only way you will be able to add styles is via things like Greasemonkey (or the plethora similar tools) which only modify your browser environment. That being said, components on Supernotes generally have fairly consistent class names and we will not ever try to deliberately break customized styling that you might inject with a tool like Greasemonkey (but of course provide no consistency guarantees either).

We realize this is not the best news for users that want more customization, but in general the goal of Supernotes is to be a tool you don’t spend a lot of time fiddling with and just use to help Get Stuff Done™.