Custom Collection


Any ideas about how to use the recent implemented custom collections? I’ve been thinking about how to conciliate this with Outlines.

Ideas? :slight_smile:

I use parent/child hierarchies for “semantic” relationships and reserve collections for organizing cards around “meta” properties. This is sort of how the original collections work too, if you think about it:

  • Home: All cards.
  • Thoughts: All cards lacking parents, regardless of what the card is about semantically.
  • Tasks: All cards containing a task, regardless of what the card is actually about semantically speaking.

I basically just stick to a similar model. For example, I assign cards types based on what kind of information they capture. “subject” if it’s a broad topic area synopsis, “concept” if it’s an individual concept, “reference” if it summarizes a reference work. I now have a concept collection that simply collects all my concept cards in one place, while in the outline a given concept card is a child of either the subject or concept to which it relates semantically (example Animals > Cats).

That’s the way I’ve used them so far, but I’m looking forward to setting up some more advanced filters.

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I reflect some card types such as

  • literature notes
  • reports
  • insights

using color. With custom collections, I can now assign a textual label to each color, and, very easily, show all of my report cards, for instance.

I very much like the way @solsen puts it. The distinction of semantics vs. meta properties applies for my system as well.