Custom Collections + Cards not syncing - Web App, iOS, MacBook App

I tried logging in/out and it didn’t work…When I recreated / edited my custom lists - that seemed to do it!

But…I may have spoken too fast - the 1st custom collection I recreated seemed to sync, I made several more and they did not :frowning:

All of my cards aren’t syncing over either - the home collection on web and iPhone app shows 7, the MacBook app shows all 15. No filters on for either

Original Bug:
Custom Collections Still do not sync for my account.

I set up 2 custom collections on my M2 MacBook Pro.

They do not sync to my iPhone, iPad, or Web App - All updated to the 3.1.1 and newest iOS updates.

Thanks for the thorough report @LaurenBurchell, it definitely sounds like everything should be working given your setup.

Could you go into a bit more detail about which cards are not syncing? Do they have anything in common with either the way you created them or their content? Feel free to message us via the in-app messenger if you’d like to keep that info more private.

I’m having sporadic issues with syncing collections as well and opened another thread about it. The consistent error seems to be an HTTP POST error about an h process able object --this happens when I attempt to change collection details in the web app. The changes then appear locally in the web app but don’t seem to sync to other platforms.

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This should be fixed in Supernotes 3.1.2. Please let us know if you’re still having issues!