Customise Shortcuts or add a additional shortcuts for "Finishing a note"

I think the CMD+ENTER shortcuts is a kind-off complicated hand movement for me. I would love to use the Jupyter notebook style shortcut SHIFT+ENTER to finish a note.
As a user I would love to have the option to customise keyboard shortcuts to define them as they best suite my workflow.


Hi @Yannic,

Thank you for your feature request. We have chosen to implement the Ctrl / Cmd + Enter key combination because it is commonly used to indicate the action of completing or submitting edits. In contrast, Shift + Enter is typically used for inserting alternative line breaks within an editor (such as within our comments).

Either way, custom keybindings is always useful. If anyone else would like this please like Yannic’s post above so we can gauge interest.

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Is the 'alternative line-break function implemented right now in Supernotes? I couldn’t make out a difference between A normal ENTER and and a `´SHIFT + ENTER``but when that actually makes a difference its perfectly reasonable. But still - I would love customisable shortcuts :slight_smile: Really love your app by the way. I made a switch from Notion to LogSeq to Obsidian to Craft and ended up with supernotes which I like best untill now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words, Yannic :raised_hands:

There isn’t a difference within a card’s editor at the moment, however this is implemented within the Comments as Enter is used to send a comment.

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“shifit + space” This shortcut is a hard one to get used to.
By mouse , When I set single click to activate the child card to go to its main page,
“enter” or “ctrl +enter” to edit the child card when it’s on the parent card’s page,
but only set “shift+space” keyboard shortcuts to go to the child card’s page, that doesn’t sit well with me.
It would be nice if you could customize “shift+space” to be the other key.