Customizable card colors

For now, card colors are limited to 8 options. But I want to give a unique color to my very special card.

It will be fancier if I can set color with hex code.


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Hi @wldh,

Thanks for your feature request.

Recently we looked into supporting custom colors, but decided against it since the more colors you have the less useful they become in terms of filtering / differentiating between them. The next 2.2.5 update will introduce more useful color functionality, being able to see the color on parent badges and within the command prompt results.

Although, I can definitely see why from an aesthetic standpoint it would look nice to be able to use hex codes for card colors – and really personalise how your knowledge looks. For now I’ve marked this as “Under Consideration”, if anyone else would like this please like @wldh’s post above and if there’s enough interest we will review this again.

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This is kinda complex and somewhat “not beautiful” so i think this is out-of-scope feature, but it seems not bad if I can manage my own color set in addition to given basic colors that is applied to all my note workspace, in aspects both of satisfaction and easier card searching. :smiley:

Users choosing ugly colors is not really an issue, the primary stopper is whether a simple “custom color” feature can be functional at all without significant amounts of work.

The pre-defined Supernotes colors that you can currently use are not actually single colors, they are a collection of primary colors / shadows / highlights / etc. You also have a different set of colors for each theme type. So in total, each individual color option on Supernotes actually maps to 10 distinct subcolors (all of which we’ve tested thoroughly).

Managing this on the user’s part would obviously be a bit of a headache, but honestly it would also be quite the headache for us to implement such a configuration system. So I’m marking this as out-of-scope for now, but if anyone has any clever ideas for how we could make this work simply without excessive effort from everyone involved, let us know and we’ll of course reconsider.

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The danger of adding tons customizable features is that it distracts from productivity. Instead of focusing on the important work at hand, I spend hours deciding on the shade of green.

I’d love such an option in a design tool but a note taking tool?

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