Daily Journal

How do you all go about using Supernotes for daily notes? I am struggling to find a hierarchy for my daily gratitude journal.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @kstilwell,

One of the strengths of Supernotes is that your notes are automatically categorised by the day they were created on, or you can assign a card to have a “targeted date”. This way multiple cards will appear on a day in the daily views and you won’t have to think about creating a separate “daily note” for each day.

I would suggest creating a parent card called “Gratitude Journal”, with the content of that card containing a list of questions that you would like to ask yourself everyday / maybe have links to a few key articles and ideas. And then within this “Gratitude Journal” write child cards for each day that are labelled as following “6th Dec 2022”. You could also prefix the date with “GJ” like “GJ, 6th Dec 2022” if you prefer to be more verbose.

If you miss a day, Supernotes is clever enough to interpret dates in the titles, so if you write “Dec 2” as a card title, it will assign the targeted date of the card to be the 2nd Dec 2022, and the card will appear on that date in the daily view.

Finally, you could assign tags to the child cards of the “Gratitude Journal” depending on the repeating themes / occurrences / feelings between days. So if you are grateful for a person or something that happened at work you could label this as #work. Then once you have 100s of cards for difference days you can filter down between them to identify patterns when you’ve been grateful. Also try linking between cards, if topics span across different days.

I hope that’s helpful!