Daily Overview as an iOS Shortcut

In the last days I struggled with storing my appointments and tasks.
Today I tried to sync my iOS calendar with supernotes but it didn’t work - I don’t know if supernotes api can’t handle the calendar list.

Then I found another workflow.
I built a shortcut which retrieves my appointments in the calendar and to-do list items on my due-card for the day and the shortcut shows a notification with all that in one view.
With that I can add a little twist and after the overview I get a little prompt for my morning thoughts.

If anyone has a question about that shortcut don’t hesitate.

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Love this @isaiur, thanks for sharing! Any chance you could grab a screen recording of the process? Would be cool to see it in action.

Sure I can do this!

Right now I am stuck on a little thing. In the API Docs is the endpoint for updating a card … but this would delete everything and send sth new to the card - I guess.
Is it possible to append sth?

Now I have sth like this:

  • Priority of the day:

  • Task 1

  • Task 2

  • Appointments

  • Appointment 1

  • Appointment 2

When I want to add a Task 3 the shortcut has to retrieve everything on the card, add Task 3 and post everything new to the card. But then I would have to split up everything.

Hi @isaiur,

This makes a lot of sense, at the moment there’s no way to append text to the original card body, although I’ve made a note about this and we will look into supporting this potentially in the future