Data analysis of test results in Supernotes


I’m working on an analysis of different test results. These are numerical and each test will be repeated around 10 times. My plan is to record the results in a markdown table on a card.

Once testing is complete, I aim to calculate the average of each row’s results.

I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient method to collect and analyze this data. Would it be better to first enter the data into an Excel sheet, complete the calculations there, and then transfer the final data to Supernotes? Or perhaps there’s a simpler way?

I prefer keeping everything in Supernotes to avoid having to switch between different platforms for results. I have parent cards for each testing card and it gives a nice overview. As far as I’m aware, Supernotes doesn’t offer any calculation features (which might be too complex anyway), so I thought I’d ask here first.

Any tips or advice, particularly from those who’ve handled similar tasks, would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Below is an image of the type of table I have in mind.

Hi @DunkinDonuts!

What you’ve mentioned below sounds like the best approach. Supernotes isn’t designed to be used for calculations at the moment.

I definitely understand the want for not switching between platforms, but for number crunching you’d be hard pressed to beat Excel. You can quickly copy tables as images and paste them into Supernotes for speed. Or plain paste the final results with Cmd / CtrlShiftV, and then use Ctrl / CmdShiftD to quickly select all occurrences of the whitespace between the columns and replace it with | to quickly create markdown tables. Hope that helps!

Hey @tobias :blush:,

I really appreciate your response, thank you.

When you say “at the moment,” does it mean there might be plans for this feature in the future?

I was expecting an answer like yours, but still hoped for other possibilities. I’ll try using the keyboard shortcuts you suggested to make things a bit easier.

I also found an old post mentioning that cards from Supernotes can be exported as JSON and then converted to Excel format. That seems like a workable solution for me, especially if I need to make changes later!

Thanks again!

Haha, you read between the lines. We’ve been exploring potentially allowing for maths calculations within cards but it will most likely only be for simple maths / currency conversion. However working in a spreadsheet app such Excel for big data crunching will almost always be more efficient.

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One thing I have seen in other knowledge management apps to accomplish something like this is integration of services like Airtable via iframe (?). Not sure if that is a direction worth exploring…

I like the idea but I imagine it would be very complex

Will it be in the future?