Delete tags that not used anymore

Hello together,

I want to delete tags that I don’t use anymore. Is this possible?

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Hi @MD1986,

Yes this is possible. If you remove the tags you don’t want to use anymore from all of your cards (including those cards in your junk), it will no longer show up as an option in the “Quick-Add Menu” when you add new tags. You might have to refresh to see the change.

Hope that helps. Haben Sie einen guten Tag!


How about the ability to delete tags that currently exist for cards? (I realize this may be expensive as you’ll have to search each card and edit the tags on each one probably )

The problem with a general “tag management” (renaming/deleting) solution is that with share cards it becomes a bit complex.

If you want to delete a tag, do we delete it only on your own cards? What about personal tags for cards that aren’t yours? Or public tags on cards that you haven’t authored, but that you do have edit permissions for?

That’s why our current thinking is to just make this part of the upcoming “multi-edit”, so that you can select exactly which cards you want to delete/rename a tag on and do so from there.

Obviously then if you select all your cards and delete a tag, that tag should be wholly removed from your system. Otherwise I don’t think there would be a way to do it without having frequent situations where users shoot themselves in the foot.

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sorry for my late answer but the last few weeks were heavy because my father had a big health problem.

I think your approach is good. Let’s see how it will works in the future and then decide if there is something to make better.

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