Deleting an account triggers welcome mail

Hi team,

I deleted some redundant accounts I set up in the past and while account deletion works, I also received a welcome mail again for each deletion :slight_smile: , topic: “Getting Started with Supernotes”.

You might want to adjust your flows there :wink: .

Hi @karel3s1, great to hear from you!

It may be that those accounts never received the welcome email? So when you logged in again to delete them the email was sent for the first time? Or did were the Welcome emails sent twice?

Hi @tobias, long time no see, hope you’re doing well!

I checked and for one of these accounts I already received a welcome mail, be it a few years ago.

Hi @karel3s1, hope you are doing well also!

We’ve updated the welcome email since then so it’s likely it was never received if the account was that old. I’m marking this as ‘Fixed’ now, since it’s unlikely for this behaviour to happen again, however if anyone else experiences this with new accounts please post below.

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Sure, I’m doing great, thanks for asking.
I figured the age of the accounts might have something to do with this.