Desktop app (offline) API or access to local state with editing from outside of app

I’m considering building a Microsoft PowerToys Run plugin (for those who don’t know, it’s like a open-source Microsoft-managed collection of utilities similar to Raycast on MacOS) for quick adding notes on Windows (potentially also searching through notes). I guess the safest way is to use API but then it’s gonna be useless when offline. Technically if I understood how app state is stored locally on Windows client I could just update it and let the sync run inside app when it’s open.

Would you be open to helping me understand if knowledge of local state is enough to do it?

I guess I could also learn from your approach to creating Raycast Supernotes plugin and whether it’s directly editing local state or using API?

Hi @marcmlyn,

We’d highly recommend using the API for this. We’ve built offline mode to be seamless and robust to queue all of your requests from within the app and this goes hand in hand with the frontend. The app state is not intended to be modified externally and may cause a variety of issues.

Our Raycast Extension uses the API, however it will open specifics within the Supernotes app using the app link schema supernotes://card_id=CARD_ID_HERE. You can find the repository for our Raycast Extension on Github here. I hope that helps!

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