Desktop app universal quick add

Some desktop apps like things 3, todoist, and others have a quick add feature where issuing a keyboard command will call the app forward and allow a new item to be entered.

I would love to see a feature like this in super notes, being able to quickly capture a thought after a great idea or being interrupted can help maintain flow and ensure everything that need to be captured can be quickly.


I’ve added this to the roadmap! Once we have got our desktop apps out we will look into adding this :tada:


Related to this, for Macs, I would love to have a menu bar app: when you click on it, it opens a box for you to type in a note, which is saved automatically (or manually) to an inbox (not the sharing one) in Supernotes. If you wanted to be really fancy, you could allow the menu bar app icon to be a receptacle as well, so that you could drag text and images to it, and it would automatically send them to the inbox.


@wlwashburn Some great ideas, thanks for sharing them. We will see what we can do! :blush:

This would be a killer feature for me. I often need to take a quick note at work, but I get distracted if I have to change windows so I use paper for that. I’ve also tried using various note-taking apps for Dungeons and Dragons, but having to change tabs took me out of the game too much.

Edit: I really like the way that Timeular do their QuickTrack feature if you’re looking for a good example of this. You create and dismiss the popup with the same button which is better than the way it works in Todoists IMO.

Thanks for the input @Bjornsides, some good additions.

Can I ask, when you’re playing D&D, what window you’re switching from? One of our original goals with Supernotes was that (on desktop) it would be a great sidekick for whatever other windows you have open on your computer, because the notecard format lends itself to this pretty well. You just condense your SN window down to say 1/3 of your screen and it is responsive so will switch to the mobile layout, where you can then ergonomically take / reference notes alongside whatever you’ve left to take up the remaining 2/3 of your screen.

But if this isn’t an option for you it would be very helpful to know why!

More long term, we actually have plans to do this but 10x, where the SN window is actually integrated directly with other software.

Hi Connor,

When I’m playing D&D I tend to have a few windows open. These are the main ones I tend to keep open:

  • Fantasy Grounds (the online tabletop we use) on one screen
  • A browser open with my online character sheet taking up half of the other screen. This may also have tabs open whatsapp or searching for rules online.
  • Zoom in the other half of the screen where I have the browser open (so I can see the other players)
  • I may also have a PDF viewer open to view the rule book

I want to be able to take notes without having to move my mouse regardless of what window is currently focused. I could use ALT-Tab to change focus, but it’s a bit clumsy, and I’d rather not cycle through windows to get to the right one.

Hope that helps!