Differences between the starter and unlimited version (apart from the more cards)

Hey Community!

I’ve been using Supernotes for a few days now and I’m very excited about it!
I would like to switch to the unlimited version in the near future, on the one hand because of the more than 40 cards, on the other hand to support the developers behind the project <3

However, I still have a small question about this:

  • I also use the API service. The Starter Edition says that it is limited, the unlimited Edition says that it is no longer limited. Where exactly are the differences here? Is the API token valid longer? Do I have more access to individual interfaces? More requests/second?
  • And are there any other “special” featues that you have then that don’t come out of the “store page”?

I would appreciate a response!

Have a nice evening/day

  • Robin

Hi Robin,

Welcome to the Supernotes Community! :sparkles:

Happy to hear you are enjoying Supernotes. The Starter plan API is “limited” in the sense that you start with 40 cards on the free plan – if you decide to use the API, requests will fail once you reach this limit. So if you run a script to create a new card every day, it will fail after 40 days – hence we call it limited access. By upgrading to Unlimited you will never run into this problem. Users who upgrade to Unlimited will also receive trusted status so are less like to reach rate limits.

With big feature releases, we do invite Unlimited users who use the API to trial the new features on a separate test database – so you do get some special previews, as a little thanks for your support.