Directly linking to cards does not work in browser

Description of the bug
URLs linking directly to cards auto redirects to the home page.

App & Version
Web Browser app

Steps to reproduce

  • if I have a link that goes directly to a card like in another tab, opening it redirects back to home multiple times until finally it works.
  • When using a preview link from the command pallete “Copy link” action, the same issue occurs

Screenshots / Screen Recording
Screen Recording 2024-01-18 at 11.13.37 AM

Hi @fuzzy.beach,

Good spot! We’ll investigate and improve this behaviour in an upcoming release :smiley:

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Hi @fuzzy.beach, both @connor and I are unable to replicate this. It’s possible we’ve fixed this already with behind the scenes improvements in recent updates so are marking this as fixed for now.

Link to Supernotes Card

If you can still replicate this, let us know (also include the specific app and os version) and we will re-open and investigate further :slight_smile: