Display number of members of cards in coupler and search

I think this would help me add the parent that I want. In particular, I don’t want to add a card I want to keep private to a someone else’s card that has the same name as the intended target card (that solely I own). Could be an optional display feature, so those wanting to keep things minimalist have the option.

Thanks for your feature request, @daniela1.

We totally get where you’re coming from, and we’ve actually tried this out during development but found it to be a bit too cluttered, especially in the small Universal Coupler menu. Instead I recommend trying to create a parent called “Shared” for cards that are from others, or use colors / icons to differentiate between different types of cards.

For that reason I’m marking this as “Out-of-scope” for now, however if anyone else would like this as well please like Daniel’s post above – if it gains enough interest we will definitely re-open this and reconsider.