Duplicated recent cards in Sidebar

I suppose priority cards that are being actively used are shown as top level (even if they’re children) in the sidebar. Though, in my opinion it creates clutter. They’d better sit under their parents in the sidebar. If we want to reference those quickly without clicking their parents, we have Pinning feature now, anyway.


I actually did a quick research on how Visibility and stuff work in the help knowledge base. Turns out, these children are duplicated (as top-level card and child card simultaneously) if they have multiple parents. Also, they’re not if they only have one. I’m a little confused. What’s the logic behind cards showing up in the sidebar? I just wanted to see all priority parents with all the priority children. Now some instances are expandable, some are randomly not.

Hi @nikita.korobkin,

Thanks for reporting this. This is very much a bug and not the intended behaviour at all! All the cards marked as priority are meant to show up in the card tree in the sidebar. However you have found a bug where if not all parents of a ‘priority’ card are a marked as ‘priority’ then Supernotes will attempt to add that ‘priority’ card to the root level of the card tree as well.

We look into fixing this for the next update. The card tree will be getting a major overhaul soon, allowing for custom orders and more!

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Hi @tobias!

What’s the progress on the bug?

We’ve pushed up the priority for this, and will hopefully have a fix in the next minor update!

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Fixed in 1.7.2.

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