Element View cut off when using '/' when the title of the card is not visible

When adding an element to the card, the element view only appears next to the ‘+’ icon on the right top corner of the card. This is perfect. However, when you edit a card but somehow you end up with the title not displayed in the screen and you try to add an element with ‘/’, the element view will still appear next to the ‘+’ icon, thus, giving a cut off view and one unable to have a total vision of what trying to add to the card.
A screenshot is better than 1000s words:

Browsers where I have encountered this bug:

  • Safari
  • Chrome

Note: These are only the browsers that I have tried. I am not saying that in other browsers this bug does not exist.

That said, I am totally sure your team will exactly know how to fix this so the users can have a total vision of what they are doing regardless of how the card is placed on the screen. But If this is an intended behaviour, please, could I ask you to reconsider this issue?

Thank you very much.


Hi @alexwilkom, thanks for your very thorough report on this - it is very helpful. Don’t worry it is not an intended behaviour, and we are looking to push a fix for this in one of the next updates for Supernotes!

Our next major update, 1.5, is coming out in the next few days - so if not in that update, definitely the next!