Embed photos from other services into cards

I use “Google Photos” to store all my photos. Several of my notes have links to photos stored in Google photos, and it is an okay way to keep a connection there. But I can’t embed the photo into the card because the photo is locked behind my google account.

I would love to have a way from my Supernotes account into my Google Photos account to see photos from Google Photos on my Supernotes cards.

Hi @idurand,

Embedding external content, such as Google Photos, is something we’d definitely like to support in the future and something we will explore supporting soon.

In the meantime, we are focusing on building out our integrations at the moment, with Zapier and Make support coming very soon. The Make integration will give you the opportunity to connect Supernotes with Google Photos but it’s not quite the same as embedding content into cards – but you might be able to get something to work to your liking.

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Hello, @tobias

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there an estimation of when the integration with Zapier and Make will become available? Or is it more “it’s ready when it’s ready”? I’m fine with the last bit - quality over time and so on - just curious.

Our Zapier and Make integrations are currently high priority. We’re making some changes to the API at the moment, and want to add better documentation as well to make these integrations really shine. So yes, no definite date, but hopefully very soon!

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