Empty cards handling inconsistencies

There are some inconsistencies with handling the empty cards.

Currently you allow to create cards with empty Title or Body, but not both. Empty card just silently disappears when you click ‘Finish’ right after card creation. But existing card does not disappears when you delete everything from Title and Body - it just restores the last deleted text when you click ‘Finish’ - which is strange, I’d prefer some warning instead (Card is empty. Delete? Yes/Cancel).

From another point of view: empty cards may be useful sometimes - as a placeholders for example. Or as a quick editing shortcut: first press ‘New’ button five times. Then add the desired info to the newly created cards…

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+1 this would be useful

My understanding is that cards are designed to be created instantly and easily, and easily tagable. If this is the case then when what would be the use case for creating place-holders?

(I actually do use place holders for the time being because I want my meeting notes to be be in a particular order, so I create the cards in chronological order and then sort by date created, however I have seen on other posts that custom sorting is on the roadmap which would solve this problem)