Enhanced Templates

Something I do often is create the same type of card. i.e. same color, same tags and same icon for a given card “type” (let’s say card type: idea).

It would be awesome to reduce the amount of manual work required to do this (adding colour, icon and tags). I think there are multiple angles to it, but would it make sense to capture these in templates?


Great idea @fuzzy.beach, this has been mentioned a few times but doesn’t have a dedicated post. We are looking into releasing an overhauled and much improved templates feature post 3.0.

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I agree with this - I’ve recently been spending time building some templates within a “templates” parent card, and was surprised that tags and parent cards pre-setup in the template card was not added to the card I applied the template to afterwards. It seems like only the content, or “body” of the card gets transferred. It would be amazing to be able to choose whether or not that additional information gets saved, as in “two types of templates”. Sometimes I could see it being more beneficial not worrying about if the meta info of my card will be messed with by applying a template or not, but other times you REALLY want all of that stuff copied over, for example when setting up a new card as a project “home”.
IN ADDITION, it would be really nice to have an option to EXCLUDE the parent of the template card itself when a template is applied, so that not every card i use the template on has the “Template” card as a parent.