Excalidraw integraton


I’m coming from Logseq. I’m a big fan of the excalidraw (https://app.excalidraw.com/) plugin on that platform.
I wonder if there could be something similar for Supernotes?

Is there a way to contribute plugins?


Hi @capsella,

We’re big fans of Excalidraw as well and I agree it would definitely be nice to be able to create whiteboards directly within Supernotes. We don’t have a plugin system for Supernotes, but this is something we are considering supporting in the future – however it is more challenging to implement than say Logseq due to shared nature of Supernotes. I’ve added a +1 for this feature on our internal roadmap and hopefully we can get something out soon.

If you’re interested in building on top of Supernotes, we have an Open API and we are in the midst of releasing out first few official integrations with other apps at the moment. If you have a specific integration in mind, feel free to build it and if you have any questions we’d be happy to help over in the Developer’s corner of the forum :slight_smile: