Exported PDF's to include Internal links

Hi Guys,

Loving the product so far. Could not find a duplicate to this feature. It would be great if when exporting from Supernotes to PDF, links in the notes being exported that reference other points in the same export file, were created as internal PDF links rather than external links back to Supernote.

I realise that this is complicated, given some links from the notes exported may link to notes that are not included in the export, but I think it would be a great feature to include.



Hi @thommo,

Really happy to hear you are enjoying Supernotes!

Definitely can see how this would be very useful. Unfortunately, you are correct in thinking that this is quite complicated, as we would have to build a solution that would check whether a card is present in the export or not; and if it is then edit the link to be internal rather than external one to Supernotes. Also it would be best if this was configurable, as some users may prefer opening Supernotes and see the most up to date version of a card – since it may have changed after the export.

Currently we are using your browser’s native “Save as PDF” feature for exporting PDFs, but we have plans to build out more sophisticated export options in the future. I have added your suggestion to our roadmap, and we will have a look at implementing it when we improve the export options.