Failed image uploads

Description of the bug
Every now and then when i paste in an image, i get a failed upload. Sometimes this can fail a few times, before i succeed. Usually closing the card edit a few times or restarting the app will get the upload to work, but it is a jarring experience when taking notes

App & Version

Steps to reproduce
Couldn’t tell you, seems random or not clear to me.

Screenshots / Screen Recording
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 1.43.37 PM

We hear you. We’re working on a system for image upload retries, but realistically that is not going to be released very soon, as it requires a lot of work (it is related to a complete re-architecting how we want images to be stored and used on Supernotes).

But yes, we definitely want to make this better.

We’ve not added the retry system but have streamlined the upload image process so less failures should occur. We’re preliminarily marking this as fixed :tada:

If anyone encounters issues again, let us know and we’ll re-open this straight away.