Faster Method of Adding an Image

There are many times in a day I see something and want to quickly, snap a picture, add a tag or two and a title, but right now there are quite a few steps
(honestly if there were iOS shortcuts then I would make a shortcut to do this) .

Right now I need to…

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap for a new card
  3. Tap to add tags (there is no “back” or “done” button)
  4. Tap to go back to card
  5. Tap to select image
  6. Tap “Browse files”
  7. Tap “Photo Library” (Could there be a default location that could be set in settings)
  8. Tap to select picture
  9. Tap “done”
  10. Tap “upload 1 file” (Wait till it uploads before continuing to add info to card)
  11. Tap “Finish”

That is a lot of Taps to drop a short though into Super notes

Hi @bendhall, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

We had an internal discussion about this recently, specifically how we wanted to improve quick capture on Supernotes for different media types, as right now it’s really set up for just text input - and we think we can still improve this in certain areas.

We’re doing this in two ways. First off is by improving our API so you can do exactly this in third party apps dedicated for quick capture like Funnel, Raycast and iOS Shortcuts (technically you could do this right now if you had an external image hosting service).

Secondly, and this will take a lot longer, is by implementing what we’re calling Snippets which supports better third party data and attachments directly within Supernotes. As complex as your kindle highlights or as simple as images. Once we have support for this it’s likely we will start to experiment with some quick capture solutions.

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Thank you for your fast response. Although I prefer using Apple Shortcuts, I don’t have a problem using Funnel. I don’t mind using an external location for hosting images. Do you have a process laid out for using an app like funnel or Shortcuts using an external hosting location?

Thank you for your detailed response.

It would be amazing to one day have even a widget on the Home Screen to allow text, tags and image from be added and sent right into Supernotes.


Hi @bendhall, you’re very welcome that’s what we are here for!

There are some examples of how to use our Open API to build iOS Shortcuts on our Developer site, including this helpful one on a Youtube shortcut.

Essentially you’d need to find an image provider service with an API / iOS Shortcut where you could upload the image you just took, receive the URL for the image and then format that as a markdown image with any additional text that you’d like and send that to our Simple create card endpoint.

You can also create Home Screen widgets with Scriptable. Here is a previous thread on the Community about making this work.

It’s still a bit involved but I hope that helps in the meantime :slight_smile:

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