First impressions on using Supernotes for journalling

Hi there! I’ve recently started playing around with Supernotes to complement my workflow and figured I would make a post here about my first impressions.

A bit of background on me: I’m an Obsidian poweruser and do not plan on replacing that part of my workflow – you can find the published part of my second brain online here. However, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a web-based app that I can use for journalling and inbox, since I don’t feel comfortable installing Obsidian on my work computer. My use case is therefore a bit different from some other posts I’ve seen on the forum that are using the app to host all of their notes, and I don’t have a need for any collaborative features.

Design: A good design is one of the main things I look for in an app and I would be remiss in not mentioning that Supernotes is one of the best designed apps I’ve seen recently. I’ve gotten used to being able to customise apps through CSS and I thought I would miss that freedom but so far I haven’t felt the need to change much. I know you guys hear this a lot but it really is amazing!

Mobile: The mobile app, as far as I have been testing, works great. It’s quick and mirrors the workflow on desktop/web. Eventually I think it would be great to have widgets/shortcuts/etc support for quickly creating notes on the fly.

Bugs: I’ve encountered a nasty bug several times where a message shows up “Uh Oh” asking me to reload. I was impressed that I got a response about it in the in-app messenger within seconds of reporting (just needed to log out and back in). Responsiveness is much appreciated!

Views: My preferred view so far is Broadsheet, with or without Seamless enabled. I sort my cards alphabetically since they mostly follow a naming system. My top-level cards have been assigned icons and colours as well as pinned. As I make more cards and link through them, I can see myself getting some use out of the graph view too to rediscover past entries. Since my biggest purpose is journalling, my default collection is the daily page, though I plan on populating other cards to be able to link through them (for example, making a card for a movie, and then using links to express my thoughts on that movie).

Improvements I’d like to see: I would much appreciate a more streamlined way of tagging and linking, preferably inline. Currently it requires navigating through a lot of menus and it would be better to be able to just type #tag. Also, I haven’t yet figured out if there’s a way to do regular backups on Google Drive, Dropbox, Github etc? I think that type of functionality would be very important so as to not rely on exporting. I see web extensions are on the roadmap and I’m looking forward to web clippers, though I use Safari on my personal computer so probably won’t get much use out of it.

Hope this is helpful in understanding my use case and maybe sparks some ideas! I’m excited to play around more and get more use out of the app.


Hi @lkadre,

Thanks for sharing your first impressions!

We’re really happy to hear you are enjoying the design of Supernotes and the new mobile app. We have lots of improvements to the mobile app already in development and these will be released over the coming weeks / months – this includes a “Share to Supernotes” feature for both iOS and Android.

Sorry to hear you experienced the caching error bug, we’re pushing a minor update in a few days to attempt to reduce the occurrence of this. Fortunately, as you’ve mentioned, the quick fix is to simply log out and then back in again. This will be fully solved once we release offline mode (our highest priority item at the moment). An inline “Universal Coupler” is also something we are working on. You can also type ‘/’ + ‘#’ to add a tag but I agree that that extra keypress multiple times can be a bit tedious.

Regarding backups, we already back up your data on our end, @connor summed it up really well in this post:

At the moment you can export all your data as json or markdown files but we agree it’s not quite the same as having automatic backups to your own cloud provider. It’s on our roadmap and is is something we’d like to support in the future once we bring out better integrations with other services. (Technically since we have an API you can already code a script to auto-back your data up but it’s not a very user friendly way to do it). Extensions are also on our roadmap, and we aim to include Safari & Firefox as well as Chrome.

It’s really interesting to hear how you’re using Broadsheet and the Graph view, thanks for sharing – sounds like a really powerful and efficient workflow. Please let us know how it evolves over the coming weeks, and if there is anything additional we can do to improve it :sparkles:

Great to hear about your plans regarding the share-to integration. Much appreciated!

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