First thoughts on mobile

I used supernotes with the app on Android for some days now and I’d like to share my thoughts I had during that time with no delay.

The app feels very web-ish. From my perspective it is not evident what benefits the app has and why I should use it rather than web. To be fair, this is partly because of the excellent mobile optimization of the webapp.

Some assorted observations:

  • I just love the 2.0-ish ability to navigate forward and back on the level of an opened notecard. This is huge!
  • For me it seems that the app is noticably slower than web
  • I feel that integration into the system’s share-to-menu would underline the sensation that this is now an app, not a website
  • When no internet connection is available, the app gets lost at start - I’d expect one of these things
    • a message that hints towards the need of being online
    • access to some cached content or even a full offline experience
  • when editing a card, tapping the screen often results in triggers an unexpected and confusing vertical shift of the text’s displayed section

This is it, for now.


Thanks for your in-depth thoughts on the new Android app @freisatz, that’s some great feedback!

You’ve actually given us the exact feedback we want to hear. The goal for this initial early access release of the mobile apps is to have feature and performance parity with the current web app offering and focus on ironing out any issues. The biggest challenge for us right now is to make sure the app works great on everyones different mobile / tablet devices.

The performance should be better so we need to figure out why it’s behaving slower for your device. Would you mind letting us know which device / version of Android you are running? Feel free to message us via the in-app messenger, if you’d prefer to share the information privately.

Once we’re happy that the mobile apps are performing well for everyone, we will focus on the next phase of mobile development which will be to add native functionalities such as notifications for card sharing / journalling reminders, offline mode and more. This will all be coming after the release of Supernotes 2.

As you’ve noticed we’ve already included a few experimental pre-v2 release features in the mobile apps for you to find, such as:

  • Redesigned Preview with Infinity scroll and History navigation
  • Backlinks with added Transclusion
  • New Random Sort Option
  • New Command: Add Card Here for moving a card into a parent
  • and more…

We will be pushing weekly updates to the mobile apps, with lots more changes to come. We’re looking forward to hearing more feedback from you :heart:

If anyone else is reading this, and has some feedback please create a new topic in the “Thoughts & Feedback” section of the community and let us know how you’ve been getting on!


Some quick observation I presume you are well aware of. This dialog is opened when clicking an external link.

It asks whether I want to leave the current site, which is not what I feel I am doing (the external site opens in a browser leaving supernotes opened in the app). It also suggests unsaved content will be lost, which is incorrect and confusing.

That should be fixed in the upcoming Supernotes 2 release, let us know if you still experience anything like this after that.

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