Flashcards are really missing to replace other apps for me

I discovered Mochi recently (the app, not the food) and It was a game changer for flashcards.
I really like learning language and I think supernotes would be perfect for that.

But it missing just that: Flashcards. And not just a gimmick, a really flashcards system well implemented into the over whole application.

Hey @Ekarious, welcome to the community!

We hear you. In some shape or form we’ve had that experience on our feature backlog for a while, as it is something that we personally would appreciate as well.

One reason we haven’t implemented a dedicated system for this is because you can already emulate a flash card experience in Supernotes using the Spoiler syntax, which many of our users are already using successfully for that purpose (though of course this isn’t going to be nearly as slick as something like Mochi).

Specifically though, is it more the flashcard experience (back and front / question and answer) that you feel is lacking, or the spaced-repetition system that you need? Spaced repetition has been on our mind since we started Supernotes, but the thing that has held us back is a design that seamlessly blends / augments the rest of the platform. Obviously an entirely separate revision view is doable but we weren’t happy with a system that feels separate from the way you use the rest of the platform.

I personally use a combination of Supernotes and Quizlet for language learning at the moment, and definitely agree it would be great if I could reduce that to just Supernotes! Though obviously we will never match the complete feature set that Quizlet offers for this use case, as it is not our focus.

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