Font: Proxima Soft vs Nunito

Today, SuperNotes uses Proxima Soft as it’s font. That’s an expensive font and comes with a lot of limitations.

Have the SuperNotes folks looked at using Nunito instead?

It’s an entire free font, and also comes in a Variable font which allow you to better fine grain support various weight settings and look extremely similar to Proxima Soft.

Hi @andersen,

Thanks for sharing. I’ve known about Nunito since before we built Supernotes, it’s a great typeface. It’s definitely similar to Proxima Soft but it’s not quite the same. Mark Simonson’s subtle variations and language / glyph support make Proxima Soft a lot superior in my opinion. The benefits of variable font do not outweigh this.

Supernotes is a premium product and deserves a premium font :innocent:


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