FR: quick way to see all the available tags

Currently there is no quick and easy way to see the list of all the available tags for further filtering when you want to filter by tags, which are not visible on screen, so you can’t click on them.
One should open the Sidebar (if it is closed), click on filter icon and click on Add new filter button to see the list of all available filtering options (you may need another one click to go directly to the list of tags).
What can we do here?
Keyboard shortcut for ‘Add new filter’?
Or, maybe, tags list (or ‘Add new filter’ button?) should be integrated into card tree view? Were there some ideas about integrating tags into card tree view while you were thinking about Sidebar enhancements?

Greatly improved card tree – there are many improvements we are currently making to the card tree in the sidebar. I won’t exhaustively list out the new behaviors that will be enabled by this restructuring of the tree, but suffice to say that if you have thought of an improvement you’d like in the tree, that feature is probably included in the refresh. :wink:

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Or, maybe, a keyboard shortcut to see some kind of a ‘dummy’ card with all the tags available, so you can click on them?