Free Unlimited promotion extended for two weeks! πŸŽ‰

Hi Supernoters,

A quick update from us. Our promotion of free Unlimited while working from home was intended to finish on the 1st July. @connor and I have been loving all of your contributions here on the community and have decided to extend this promotion for an additional two weeks until 12th July!

So what happens after the promotion?

Any cards you have created during this promotional period will not count towards your card limit. When the promotion is over, we will give all existing users an additional 20 cards. Of course you can continue to use Supernotes and all of its features for free - simply refer friends to gain more cards (+20 cards per referral). However, we do encourage you to upgrade to our Unlimited or (new) Lifetime plans. This helps supports the development of Supernotes, so we can continue to build an awesome knowledge management tool for you - without ads or selling your data! For more details have a look at our new pricing page.

We will be releasing a big update to Supernotes in the coming weeks, along with desktop apps. Looking forward to sharing them with you!

That’s all for now!