Getting Content Sharing Error on App Load

I’m getting this error most times I open up the app. If I close it, it won’t show up for some period of time and then comes back.


I’m not actually sharing anything to the app when I get the error, just opening it as I normally would.

Seems to happen more on iOS but maybe that’s because the app is opening and loading more often whereas on the Mac it just stays open.

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I’m getting the same on iOS - agreed seems like a bug.

Hi @Itsben and @Fizzster21, this should be fixed as of the 3.0.1 release.

You shouldn’t see this notification at all on Desktop on Mac, which Mac build are you running @Itsben? Make sure it’s the one from our downloads page.


Ahh yeah, looks to be sorted now!!

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@tobias actually the mac error looked similar but had text like “Your action could not be completed” and similarly would happen on app load. I mostly use the iOS apps and haven’t seen it recently but will try to grab a screenshot if it comes up again. Using the 3.0.1 mac build - it auto-updated not long ago.

This has been fixed in 3.0.2, which is now available for all platforms :tada: