Go back a page after opening a note in Notebook

I was just wondering how t go back a page after opening a note in a Notebook (i.e. double clicking the title or SHIFT+SPACE)?

Would be awesome to have a to navigate in, i.e like browser navigation with bachwards and forwards. I’ve seen the SHIFT+CMD+[ but it does not seem to work on my M3 Macbook pro. I gues because macs don’t have a dedicated [ key?


I also wish something like this for the android app. I often make the “swipe back” gesture out of habit to go back to the previous card or to close the preview but it doesn’t work unfortunately

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On Mac you can use Cmd to go back and Cmd to go forward. The same applies in Windows, but substitute Cmd for Ctrl.

On Android you can go back using the physical / digital back button on your device. And on iOS we’re working on a new gesture for you to go back and forward but it’s not ready yet.

I hope that helps!

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Nice thank you! Maybe you can adapt that in the Cheatsheet depending n the Platform you are in :slight_smile:

Haha, it already is in the Cheatsheet and is already different depending on the platform you’re on :wink:

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Not sure why you didn’t see it the first time.

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Oh god, I was looking at the Next Page / Previous Page commands :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Aha not your fault! Usually we think in webpages when navigating back and forth, but with Supernotes we are talking about Noteboard pages. Might need to make it clearer.