Google Drive & Google G Suite Support

It woud be a very convenient feature if we could add any google drive file to a card.

Example usecase:

A summary of a book / document can be written on Supernotes and the original file could be attached via Google Drive.

Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Presentation files would also be very convenient if the file could be directly attached to a card.


We have been looking into integrations for a while and Google is at the top of the list! Another exciting feature that users have suggested is the ability to link cards to events in Google Calendar. e.g. Meeting notes or event planning.

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Linking cards to Google Calendar is also a phenomenal idea. Another great feature when it comes to Google Calendar is a one way sync. So instead of having to link a certian card to it’s Google Event you could add a date with or without a time to a card and it gets added to Google Calendar automatically.

This would be extremly useful for the following usecase:

I often do weekly reviews where I anwer myself questions and basically identify the good and bad things of the passed week. So I could setup a card with a template and set it as a recurring event. That would require an additional feature that would allow users to set a card as recurring. Google would then remind me of having to do my weekly review and supernotes would have the template ready.


@tobias and @warum7 ,

With so many of my notes having some kind of deadline or meeting information, I would absolutely love Google Calendar integration. I really don’t think we can have a PKM system without calendars. While we are talking about it, support for Office 365 might as well be mentioned (I bet it’s already on your list).

Thanks for considering Calendar integration!

  • Michael
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Are you also considering other platforms like Onedrive and Outlook Calendar?