Having the menu after adding an icon goes back to the main menu and not just closing

I find myself adding icons and tagging cards a lot! Would be cool if i could do it without clicking the “+” button twice

A bit nit-picky but i would make the experience much better in my experience!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The universal coupler menu can be brought up using a “/” or “\”. This makes for a much faster workflow when tagging cards or adding parents, icons etc. Try using this!

(nb. you have to be in the body of a card, not in the title when doing this)

I didnt actually know thats a thing xD, TYSM!

Still wasnt i was talking about. What I mean is when finishing adding tags the menu would disappear, and i would have to make it pop up again to add an Icon.

It would be quite time saving (for me, an icon nerd) to just have main menu to appear then i could try to add my icons there.

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Ah sorry, I understand now. So you are saying that you like to add an icon then immediately add tags without reopening the menu.

That would be useful!

I raised a similar feature request a while ago about adding multiple tags at once. You used to have to add #tag1 then re open the menu to add #tag2 then reopen again to add #tag3. Now you can open the menu and add #tag1 #tag2 #tag3.

What you could do instead is take advantage of the ability to add multiple tags, and add the tags first and the icon after. That way you can do both while only opening the menu once

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