Help us launch Supernotes 3

Hey everyone, thanks so much for your feedback and support over the past week (esp. all the @Unlimited and @Lifetime members). You’ve helped us iron out the bugs and get Supernotes 3 ready for a huge marketing release that’s happening today :tada:

If you’d like to help us further please visit our launch page on Product Hunt and the iOS or Google Play listing and leave a review. Sharing your workflows with potential new users, and how Supernotes has been helpful would be much appreciated (we’d also love to hear it ourselves) :raised_hands:

There will be new users joining the forum here, so please be helpful and respond to questions if they arise. We’ve granted a few more long-standing members trusted status to help with that. As we grow this Community further, we want to continue building an inclusive space where everyone can share their productivity ideas, feature requests and thoughts on Supernotes :sparkles:


Upvoted, :clap: Wishing SN3 smooth sailing!


This link seems broken, I get 404. Is it just me?

here is the correct link: Supernotes 3 - Take notes everywhere | Product Hunt

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Good spot @49f9, just fixed it! And thanks @wldh :tada:

I was about to have a rant on Google Play, and you’re just so lucky I couldn’t as I’m still on Early Access :wink:

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Hi @freisatz, you should be taken off the early access track now. Let us know if not, please try uninstalling and re-downloading from the Google Play Store.

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I’ll do what I can to help new users :slight_smile: - happy if I can give back sth.


Congrats @tobias and @connor! This is a great success. Upvoted and reviewed on ProductHunt + shared the PH link on Threads.

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Hello @tobias,

Would love to get myself plugged back in after a long “distraction” I have the iOS app updated and have written an email to support for some pointers.

I have successfully logged into both the App and now to the community.


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Welcome back @JohnJ! :raised_hands:

We’ve replied to your email, and if you have any other questions feel free to message us via the in-app messenger or get involved in the discussions here on the Community Forum.