Hitting TAB unfocuses the Card I'm typing in


Platform: MacOS Desktop App 3.1.1

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Context for the vide:

Iā€™m hitting the keys :

d, h , TAB , kjsdhkjfdhgjkdf

After Hitting tab the card unfocused and leafs the EDIT mode and a new card starts typing.

Thanks for the bug report ā€“ this is a known issue, which is caused when you tab while in a list at the very end of a card. We will make sure this is fixed in 3.1.2!

Hey Connor, thanks for the info.
I got a question:
How do bugs like this one make it into production? I take my notes during meetings in lists and this bug makes supernotes borderline unusable for me rn.

Whats your testing strategy and do you role out changes to beta testers before relaese? I think this is a bug that could/should have easily be cought before the role out to prod.

Sorry to hear this is disturbing your workflow. The best way to ameliorate the issue at the moment is to add an extra blank line at the end of a card. That way as you add items and tab them, you will not encounter the bug, as you will not be on the last line.

We try to do as much testing as is reasonable, unfortunately sometimes bugs slip through the cracks. The editor especially is a complex system and has a lot of moving parts, so it is difficult to test in a comprehensive manner. The Supernotes 3.1 release was especially sprawling which made this doubly difficult. As we noted around the time of that release, we intend to keep releases much smaller from here on, which should also help reduce the likelihood of bugs like this slipping through.

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