"Hold Esc" Gauge Bar in Narrow Width


Even if the width is narrow (i.e. in the mobile UI and broadsheet view mode), it would be great if the pink “Hold Esc” gauge bar could be displayed when the ESC button is pressed. Could you please make it visible?

Thank you.

HI @wldh, thanks for the feedback.

I understand it’s nice to see some visual response to know that the escape button is being held down but it’s unlikely that we will add the same Hold Esc button back in. Narrow widths take up a little too much space, also it does not make much sense with mobile users as they don’t have a physical keyboard most of the time.

I’ve made a note for us to include potentially a new visual response behaviour but it’s low priority for now, if anyone else would like this or has ideas for the implementation please like @wldh’s original post and comment below!

The first time I encountered this issue was while editing cards in the broadsheet view, in the desktop version. Despite having a large-sized window open and sufficient width for the card, I felt something was lack as the corresponding gauge bar did not appear. How about temporarily displaying the gauge bar at the location of “Cancel” in the image below while holding down the Esc button?

(since it seems unlikely that users would simultaneously press the Esc button and click the Cancel button with the mouse)