How do I edit tags?

Its not obvious how you can edit tags

It’s not possible to edit tags. Currently, the best way is to remove a tag and then add a new one to a card.

We understand that for bulk card editing this is a bit tedious and a multi-select feature is something that is in development at the moment. We are also looking into possibly adding a “Tag Manager” that will make this even easier.


I find the tag likes to be not modified, is the fact correct? :smiley:

Hi @StacyR, unfortunately you cannot edit tags at the moment, I’ve moved this to an existing thread.

The function that tags can be edited and centrally managed is very necessary. hope that the development can be arranged


Bump to this. Editing tags and having a tag view would be super useful. I made a mistake in naming a tag and now am stuck with it on hundreds of cards :frowning_face:

Multi-card edit helps, but when you have pages and pages of cards it is not the best path.

Have you read this post?

If you follow the flow outlined in that thread, having pages of cards shouldn’t really be a blocker.

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