Multi-select cards for tagging, parents etc

I have a parent card which I created a while ago called Accounting Meetings which has the tag #accounting

Today I added some child cards with meeting agendas, which have children inside them with the meeting items, but forgot to tag any of them because I was in a rush to start taking notes at the start of the meetings.

Next I want to start querying my cards across accounting (from the home screen) and will need to add the #accounting tag to them all in order to filter them

Currently I have to go and manually add the tag to each. Could you:
a) Allow the user to select multiple cards to add tags to
b) Add the ability to add a tag children that would recursively follow backlinks and add the #accounting tag to all cards retrospectively

Please, introduce cards multi-selection for performing basic operations like deleting, assigning parents, tags etc.

@thomasdotred and @Valery_Kondakoff great points about multi-selection. This is in our pending feature roadmap and I have bumped up the priority of this feature for the both of you.

This is a sidenote, but if you apply a tag filter and create new cards, all of those new cards you create will inherit the tags automatically. This only helps with new card creation of course.

I have also bumped up both of your user trust levels here on the community, thank you for contributing!

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