How does Supernotes manage images?


While editing a note just now, I had to use the HTML <center> tag to center-align an uploaded image, and had to remove the markdown code starting with an exclamation mark and instead use the <img> HTML tag to embed the image.

This got me wondering about how supernotes manages images. I was concerned that by (deleting the markdown part and) using just the auto-generated URL and embedding the image myself with the <img> tag, supernotes might recognize the image I just uploaded as an “unused image”. If that were the case, I would be worried that the image I attached might be removed soon in accordance with the general principle of removing unnecessary images that were previously attached but are no longer used in notes, in order to efficiently operate the server.

In conclusion, is it safe to use only the URL from auto-generated image attachment markdown code? (Will I be able to see the same image even after several years?)


As long as the image URL is within the markdown content, the image will not be garbage collected. It does not need to be in the markdown image link format with the exclamation point :+1:

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Clear! Thank you.

How do I delete the image URL?

Do you mean remove the image from our servers? There is no way to force this, we occasionally cleanup uploads if they’re not being referenced. We are working on a better image attachment system which will allow you to forcibly delete any image you’ve uploaded, however that is not ready yet.

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