How to force PWA to sync/refresh?

I “Cut” a parent from a Published card on my desktop browser because I wanted to move it up to be a top-level item in my Outline. Everything looks good on my desktop. The Outline looks good, and the card looks good (and no longer shows the old parent).
Then I looked at it on my phone, which I have Supernotes setup as a PWA via the Edge browser on Android. The Outline looked ok. That is, the card appeared at the top level and hence reflected my desktop change. However, when I tap on the card in the Outline on my phone, it is still showing the old Parent that I “Cut” on the desktop. And when I open the card to see the children, I still see the old parent as well. This is unexpected. I expected the desktop changes to sync completely to mobile.
How can I force the PWA to sync/refresh to get all these desktop changes to my phone? Since I’m outside a mobile browser, I can’t use the normal browser’s refresh command.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the bug report. The current version of Supernotes (1.8.5) has occasional issues with cutting / junk syncing between devices. These have all been fixed in the upcoming Supernotes 2 release!

In the interim, a simple fix is to log out and then back into with any app that seems to have stale information. This will fetch a fresh copy of your database from our servers. I hope that helps!

Awesome, thanks for the fast reply! Yep, I verified that logout-login sequence resynced and everything looks good now.
I’m glad to hear this is was a known issue, and that it’s already fixed in 2.0. I’m looking forward to it.

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