How to import images from Google Keep

Has anyone invented a clever batch operation for getting images in Google Keep to import into Supernotes?

Everything goes smoothly - except for the fact that the notes all lose their images. (Which is mentioned in support.)

When exporting Keep in Google Takeout, there are json-files and html-files. In the latter, image-files can be seen as jfif-files. I can click on the html-file, download one image, search for the correct note in Supernote, upload it. Then go to the next html-file… Do the same. I have at least a 1000 images, it seems. Not quick clippings, but actual note images. So yeah, I’m hoping there is a batch operation out there, haha…

Thank you!

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Hi @anja.saaby.ladegaard,

Welcome to the Supernotes Community!

At the moment there’s no easy way to include images in the Google Keep import, for the very reasons you have mentioned. I’ve made a note for us to look into supporting this in the future, if anyone else would like this please upvote Anja’s post above.

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Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:
I think many Keep users would flock to Supernotes since the card concept is so familiar. For me, Supernotes basically feels like Keep on steroids haha :smile::+1: With the beauty of zettelkasten :heart:

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