How to remove myself from shared cards that I’ve joined

Hey there!

After I have imported some cards as Reader, I deleted them, and them deleted them from Junk as well. Today they resurfaced in my Home tab (also adding them to the count) and also in the Link select menu inside other cards. They are no longer existing in the Junk either. I also logged out and in again.

Is this the intended behaviour? If so, is there a way to get rid of them? I don’t mind them being on the Home tab, I rarely use it. But it does crowd the Link select menu, leading to random search results that I will never use. And it adds the tags in the Tags select menu that I keep deleting. And I would also like to keep the Home count correct.

Thanks a lot for your hard work! Been using Supernotes for a few days and I love it :rocket:

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Hi @bogdaaamn,

Thanks for reporting this. You should definitely be able to permanently remove cards.

This sounds like a strange behaviour, when you import cards you should be the ‘Author’ of those cards, not a ‘Reader’. If you junk and then delete a card, they should be permanently gone and not reappear. Logging out and then back in was a good next step as that clears the cache (if any of it may be stale) and replaces it with fresh data from our servers.

Would it be possible for you to post some screenshots or a screen recording of this behaviour? Feel free to share them here or using the in-app messenger if you’d prefer to send this over to us privately.

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Thank for your quick reply @tobias! Sorry for not clarifying this before maybe ‘import’ was the wrong wording. I imported them with links from other users, hence I was just a ‘Reader’.

I have attached the two screenshots. After taking the screenshots I indeed tried to delete each card individually and it worked, it disappeared and also the count went down. Let me update the question quickly, yesterday I removed the parents cards from the ‘Outline’. Is it possible that the children remained out of the ‘Outline’ but still on the ‘Home’ tab? Is that expected behaviour? To remove a parent and the children to stay around?

No problem, that’s what we are here for, @bogdaaamn

Thanks for sending over the screenshots with further information. If you join another user’s card you become a member of that card. If that card has child cards, you also become a member of those child cards. We’ve designed it this way so that can quickly collaborate on a bunch of cards with friends etc. However this does make junking shared cards more challenging at the moment, since you have to junk and then delete every single one. We are currently in the process of developing a multi-edit functionality to make this even faster.

The Outline only contains cards with a Visibility of /Priority’. Removing a card from the Outline, just changes a card’s Visibility from ‘Priority’ to ‘Visible’ – it does not junk or delete a card. If you ever open that card again it will automatically change the visibility to ‘Priority’, so it will re-appear in the Outline. You can find out more about Visibility here.

I hope that helps, if anything else is unclear just let us know!

P.S. Since everything you’ve mentioned here is intended behaviour I’d be inclined to rename this topic to “How to remove myself from shared cards that I’ve joined” or something along those lines and move it to Community Support. Let me know if you’d be happy for me to do this :slight_smile:

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Oh I see!! I understand now, sorry I got confused, this behaviour makes sense indeed. And I totally see the value of the multi-edit functionality just for this confusion :joy:

Indeed you are right, now I see that the visibility is set to ‘Visible’, so of course they are not in the Outline, but they still exist. That makes sense.

Thanks a lot for your help @tobias, this made it all clear! I also changed the title and the tag, it’s only fair :blush:

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