How to select multiple lines (making multiple cursors) using only keyboard input?


I want to make multiple cursors using only keyboard, without selecting any content.

For example,

thank you.

Hi @wldh,

At the moment, this isn’t possible but we could add this with Alt + Cmd / Ctrl + Up / Down. I’ve modified this to be a feature request.

Thank you! by the way, the existing multiple cursor feature Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + D is quite great, especially when I copying some CSV content and converting it into a table.

I’d also like the keyboard shortcut. Useful for turning pasted content with multiple paragraphs into block quotes

What would be the use-case of this over the existing options?

@wldh in your example, does selecting all text with cmd + a and then turning that into cursors with alt + cmd + l not work?

@MaxLinWorm, if you have text as separate paragraphs and want a cursor for each of them, you can select the line breaks between the paragraphs by selecting the first and then using cmd + d, which should give you what you need.

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Great tip.

Never occurred me.

@connor nice, it works well! I was able to create multiple cursors, and control them as desired using the Home, End, Ctrl, and Shift keys.

I looked it up on the docs, but couldn’t find any mention of the mentioned feature. I just discovered that the shortcut was in the cheatsheet. it would be helpful if the documentation had an easily accessible explanation of this feature.

Also, it would be great if the shortcut @tobias mentioned could be implemented. this would reduce the number of key combinations that needed to be pressed to create multiple cursors, and I think it would help people who are used to using other text editors to adapt to Supernotes more quickly