How to use tags to categorize notes?

Hello everyone

I have been using Supernotes for a few months and really enjoy the flexibility and versatility it provides for taking notes and organizing my thoughts. So, I want to ask you How do you use tags to categorize your notes?

I appreciate your support.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @jesica438, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Tags are best used for categories notecards across different parents or for quickly filtering and refining lots of cards within a parent. I often tag my cards by location, or characteristics. e.g. I have a “Restaurants” parent card and a “Recipes” parent card. Some of my restaurants and recipes child cards share tags such as “Japanese”, “Italian” or “Pasta”.

You might find the following topic useful discussing the comparison between parents and tags:

Also @freisatz wrote up some excellent notecards on how to use tags, parents and more. We’ve been meaning to publish this as a community resource since we think it’s presented and very well thought through. If you have any specific questions let us know and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

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Coming from Tana, I used to use tags for defining the type of a card. So my most common tags are:

  • insight
  • observation
  • decision
  • highlight
  • article
  • video

But I also use tags to signify a status like: draft, done, etc.

Tags can then be searched across all views. Looking forward to the custom collections for saving the searches.

For anything else I use Parents for categories and hierachies.