I cannot distinguish bracket types easily

Hi, I’m new to supernotes, and I often using mathematical expressions in note apps.

I think it’s so hard to distinguish curly/brackets/parentheses in supernotes’ LaTeX before rendering.

Here are the screen captures.

image --> image

Parentheses are little recognizable but curly/brackets seems almost same.

I’d used Dropbox Paper before, and they displayed LaTeX codes using a clear monospace font, so there were no ambiguousness.

dbx paper)
image --> image

Actually, the same problem appears in code writing (`code`), because code segments are displayed using general sans-serif font in editing.

Thanks for reading my feedback!

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Hi @laff, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

Great suggestion. A monospaced font specifically for code blocks and LaTeX makes sense, and is already being added as part of our upcoming new WYSIWYG editor.

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Thanks, I’m highly looking forward to the new editor!

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