I really want to love this app

I really want to love this app but I’m finding so much friction. Is it just me not understanding the workflow? Here’s an example: It’s easy enough to start a new note, just type! I love that feature. Let’s say I create a note about “Writing a Blog” and add a tag like #creativity. Click finish and I’m done.

I come back another day and want to find that note. It’s not in my note tree unless I remembered to click the ellipsis and choose Priority or double click the title. Either way it seems like an unnecessary extra step. Friction.

The note is in the master list in Home but if I have a lot of notes you’d need to scroll through them to find it. Friction.

I could just use the search function, however, searching for “creativity” doesn’t bring up the note because I used the hashtag and the actual word isn’t in the body of the note. Searching for #creativity doesn’t bring up the note either which I find very odd. Friction.

I can filter by tag. I select the filter icon from the sidebar, then click Add Filter and I see the creativity tag. Clicking on it creates that as a filter option and reveals the note. Whew. That’s a lot of work just to search by tag.

I also get confused by some of the terminology. For example, if I click on a note in the sidebar it opens on the noteboard. From here I can read, edit, etc. In the top left of the noteboard is a button that reads “Open in Noteboard - add children”. It’s already open in Noteboard. Shouldn’t it just read “Add children”?

Thanks for listening. Maybe I’m just confused. I really do love this app and want to use it on a daily basis.

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Hey @APNext!

In my opinion, you add parent cards to organize by topic (blogging) or collection (creativity). So you can search any card in an instant with CMD+K.
Tags are supposed to be descriptors (again, in my opinion) that you’re not going to use in a rush too often. They’re more for deep filtering. Examples: definition, code, quote, image, opinion, to process, move to Quizlet.
I use this workflow for some time now and find it very good!
It would be nice to quickly filter current noteboard by a tag using the command prompt though! (Hey, @tobias , there’s a small feature request :blush:)

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Thanks for the reply nikita! I’m using parent cards to organize and that works fairly well. I guess my wish is for more robust search functionality (probably should add that to the feature request). @tobias may have already mentioned this was coming but having search results return suggestions as you type would be good. It would also be helpful to highlight the searched term in the note for easy reference.

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Hi @APNext, thanks for delving into how you approach Supernotes, this feedback is very useful. And thanks for contributing in the discussion @nikita.korobkin, great to see you helping out here on the forum!

As Nikita mentioned the best way to find a note is using the Command Prompt with [ctrl/cmd] + [k], this only searches for titles but is very effective if you know exactly what you are looking for - and will return results as you type. Regarding the Search in the top right, we are aware this is quite basic and will be making this a lot more powerful in the future, including highlighting search terms and multiple keyword search etc.

Also regarding terminology, we have intended that clicking on a card title will bring up the “preview” of the note, and then by “opening” it in the note-board you are able to ‘look inside’ and see all of its child cards. Would it be more clear if we modify the button to say “Make Noteboard Target - add children”?

I will add a command to the Command Prompt in 1.7 that will take you immediately to the input box in Filters which will make it even quicker to add filters. Hope that will help!

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@tobias , thanks for the reply. That’s great news regarding the search and filter updates. I’m loving the pace of development around this app and the energy in this community.

Thank you to @nikita.korobkin as well. Seeing your PARA notes helps in seeing a use case.

Regarding the terminology, is the noteboard just the center pane? It would seem to be more clear if the button just referred to the parent / child relationship. For example, if I open a parent card, the button would read “Add or view children”.


No problem, that’s what we are here for :raised_hands:.

Yes the noteboard is just the center pane, so opening a parent card changes the target of the noteboard to be from ‘Home’ to the ‘Name of Parent card’. We wanted to coin the term as ‘Open in Noteboard’ since we might want to add additional functionality in the future from just parent / child relationship, such as a new ‘preset views’ which add filters as well. But you have a good point, especially if users are used to other apps, and we will look into improving the terminology in future updates.