Icon Favorites/Icon Aliases

This is likely a pretty niche request, but I figured I’d throw it out there. I love Supernotes’ beautiful icon set, and I often use specific icons to partially categorize cards. Sometimes, however, I forget the precise name of an icon I want to use. Right now, the only way to figure out the correct name to search for is to go back to an existing card that uses the icon and read off the name from there.

For this use case, the existing request for template card property inheritance would go a long way. In addition, maybe it’d be useful to support aliasing icons? Or favoriting them in some way to give users a smaller set to access when icons are used for labelling purposes?

I’d also love to have a reference of all the icons supernotes actually has! There are so many and I’m often surprised to find new ones when I’m searching, that I would have used previously had I known they existed. Is there any exhaustive list out there?


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Have a look at fontawesome.com for a complete list of the used icon set.