Import and manage ~2500 web bookmarks?

I have around 2500 web bookmarks that I would like to try importing into Supernotes. I know that goes against the general import philosophy, but I’m not happy with my current bookmarks storage and would like to see how it would fly in Supernotes. I have folders nested up to levels deep, with no tags. I’d like to try to reproduce the hierarchy in the Supernotes left pane outline. That might not be the best approach, once I see it in action, but it’s a starting point I’d like to try. Has anyone does this? Is there an easy way to import a hierarchy? I suppose it might be scriptable using the API, but I don’t have any experience with that. I’d love to hear if anyone has done anything like this, or in general how Supernotes holds up as a web bookmark manager aside from the import aspect.

Hi Michael,

I can highly recommend I’ve been using it as my bookmark manager for a while now, and find its feature set excellent for storing, searching, and reading articles (and papers and blog posts). I find that it works nicely as an “input funnel” for Supernotes - here’s how I use it in my “insight capture process”:

  1. Find an interesting article, usually from my RSS subscriptions in Reeder
  2. Save the article in
  3. Add a scheduled "Capture insights from <article>" task in TickTick
  4. When the TickTick task reminds me: complete my Zettelkasten study notes → insight notes process in Supernotes (with open in a 50% split window next to Supernotes)

I know this isn’t what you asked for, but I hope its helpful anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @michaeldurland,

Welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

That’s quite the number of web bookmarks! It’s definitely something that could work in Supernotes, but as you’ve rightly said there isn’t a simple solution to import these at the moment (we are working on Zapier / Integromat integrations that will arrive soon).

I think @JamesT has shared a great workflow for this, where you can create permanent notes from your web bookmarks in Supernotes.

Alternatively, something that I do is have an ‘Interest’ parent card on Supernotes, which has various child cards like ‘Gadgets’, ‘Fonts & Typefaces’, ‘Well-designed websites’ etc. – each of these have a list of 5-10 links to different websites; and if any of these cards get too large I will just split them into two and assign tags to them to group them together. e.g. ‘Gadgets’ could become ‘Kitchen Gadgets’ and ‘Tech Gadgets’ each with the ‘#gadgets’ tag.