Imported markdown files must be edited once before they sync

I imported about 600 markdown notes on my Mac, but they’re all stuck in a syncing state. They’ve stayed that way for days, not appearing on other devices despite new cards syncing no problem. Until I noticed that if I edit the card then finish editing — without changing anything — then it instantly syncs. So I can do this for each card one at a time to get them to sync properly, but obviously this isn’t scaleable and needs a fix.

Video of fix here:

I found I could repeatedly press “down enter enter” while holding Cmd on my mac to speed through the list, but then I got rate limited which was annoying as I’m working around a bug (see screenshot).

Hi @samldev,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been having some syncing issues with the imported cards. May I ask how you imported them? Did you import all of them in one go?

We’ve recently limited imports to be in batches of 50 cards at a time (and in theory you shouldn’t be able to select more than 50 files), so that might explain why many of them remain unsynced. The best way to save all these cards is most likely the workaround solution you’ve already found.

Yeah no worries, no big deal since I was able to work around it with about 20 minutes of keyboard mashing. Although I did this about a week ago and I was able to import all 500+ at once in the Mac OS desktop app, so you may want to double check that the limitation is enforced there just as an FYI.

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